Crazy in love in Hvar

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The islands at the end of the world

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Muscle Beach: the cradle of fitness

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The best rooftops for a toast

Headline: Harice Miller's room makeoverHeadline: Harice Miller'
There's more to a good cocktail than simply knowing when to shake and when to stir. Location is also an important factor. And with a bird’s eye view, every toast tastes better.

Shibuya for shopaholics

If you love high-tech games and trendy brands, and you’re a manga freak, then Tokyo...

The most-feared wave in the world

Going into the Teahupoo tube is any surfer’s dream. Coming out standing from this Tahitian...


Bali invites you to dive into its waters, don a mask and dance until dawn, traverse the jungle between volcanoes and meditate in a cliff-top temple.
Bali invites you to dive into its waters, don a mask and dance until dawn, traverse the jungle between volcanoes and meditate in a cliff-top temple.

Hostels where you’ll like the company

Hostels are increasingly attracting all types of tourists, not just backpackers. And the truth is, with their welcoming rooms they are able to offer luxury stays at accessible prices.
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One of the greatest parties on Earth

Once a year, in the middle of the South African desert, a short-lived town devoted to art is set up for...

Is New York really the city that never sleeps?

The buzz of “the city that never sleeps” is contagious. When there’s so much to do at night, who’d want to...

The river where the rainbow drowned

Yellow, blue, green, red and black. For six months of the year, under the surface...

Ushuaia, with you to the end of the world

There’s no excuse now; you can keep your promise and take your partner to Ushuaia,...

Save money (and wear Prada) in Milan

Italy’s fashion capital might be known for its extravagant shop windows and glamorous lifestyle, but...

The island of wooden churches

The wooden temples and houses of Kizhi Island, in the north of Russia’s Lake Onega,...

Savannah, the city of ghosts

With more than 80 cemeteries and around 50 haunted houses, Savannah is the world capital...

Unshakeable Comporta

d-alentejo-landscape 2
It has been compared to Ibiza, St. Tropez, the Hamptons and even Yves St. Laurent’s Marrakech of the 1960s, though nothing could be further than the truth. Comporta is different to all beach resorts, simply because it just doesn’t look...
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The Nordic secret to happiness

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Festivals to nurture the spirit

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Where to have the swim of your life

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Next stop, the future

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Hyperloop, the first flying train....

Mission (practically) impossible: Tokyo in 48 hours

With over 13 million inhabitants, Tokyo is one of the biggest and most extravagant cities...

The garden of South Africa

Shakespeare wrote that, ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’. And what...

Patisserie architecture: the sweetest design

The new desserts are inspired by nature, architecture and geology. Flowers, cacti and precious stones...

Discover north Argentina, in seven colours

Legend says the children of Purmamarca, bored of such a monochromatic hill, spent seven nights...

Live like a king in Rajasthan

Upholstered rooms, hunting trophies and four-poster beds. Maharajas have transformed their palaces into luxury hotels that recreate their former splendour. These are the Hiltons of India.

The ‘boutique hotel’ of the seas

The trend might be to build increasingly bigger and more ostentatious cruise ships, but Windstar...

If you’re not shopping, you’re not in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong you can shop till you drop. But don’t kid yourself it’ll be...

Pirates, caimans and other tales

Its beaches tell stories of pirate crews and treasures, and once a year, its streets...

Castles fit for a khaleesi

Nearly 20 castles are camouflaged in the desert to the south and east of Amman....

20 places to visit in your 20s

The journey doesn’t depend only on the destination. There are some places you have to...