Dive between two continents

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Where cold comes from

Photos: © Amos Chapple
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Journey to the eye of the storm

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The kings of India

Traditionally the lion has held the title of king of the jungle, but things are different in India. Bengal tigers reign supreme.

The Caribbean of Africa

Cape Verde is the new Caribbean of Africa; ten islands located 700 kilometres from Dakar...

In the heart of the Mediterranean

When you have the likes of Rome and Venice to compete with, you could easily...


Lisbon's reflection shines in the Tagus, along whose reclaimed banks residents now walk with a little more pride, as time has only increased its beauty.
Lisbon's reflection shines in the Tagus, along whose reclaimed banks residents now walk with a little more pride, as time has only increased its beauty.

Oslo: cheap things to do in the most expensive city

Oslo, a frequent high-flyer on the lists of the most expensive European capitals, has a generous and affordable soul: its parks, its museums with the Oslo Pass, and its streets that boast thousands of years of history or a contemporary design.

Drácula: persona non grata

Some years ago there was an attempt to open the 'Dracula-Land' theme park in Transylvania. The project was banned by the...
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The Island of magical machines

Imagine combining the imagination of Jules Verne with the ingenuity of Leonardo Da Vinci. What would we get? The answer can...

Balearic Islands: wine made with sun and water

They are neither Rioja nor Ribera, but they’re every bit as good. The wines of...

The most romantic city in China

It is often dubbed the Venice of China. 40 per cent of Suzhou is covered...

The biggest cave in the world

In Vietnam, the remote village of Son Trach ‘hides’ the Son Doong Cave, the star...

Edible and photogenic: the 21st century diet

The latest crazes in the foodie world include milkshakes with unicorn horns and a lot...

The wine cathedral

The urban artist Guido van Helten has transformed the old tanks of a winery in...

The river where the rainbow drowned

Caño Cristales 2012
Yellow, blue, green, red and black. For six months of the year, under the surface of Caño Cristales in Colombia a carpet of colours is rolled out.

The Urban Jungle of Madagascar

If Madagascar is like an alien island because of its avenues of baobab trees and...

Unique First Dates

If you’re more romantic than Ted Mosby and you want a date that you’ll be...

Once upon a time in Sintra

Palaces, labyrinths, colourful castles and foggy gardens: The magical, sleepy village of Sintra is located...

Samaipata, resting in the clouds

The Elbow of the Andes is the gem of Samaipata. Scratch that. It’s one of...

Yorkshire: Brontë Country

It has been 200 years since Charlotte Brontë was born, but the moors of north...

Sakura gives Japan colour
With the arrival of spring, Japan becomes an enormous pink cloud. And it seems as if the trees are blushing under the gaze of so many people admiring them.

‘Celebrity chefs’ at sea

Cruise ships are making waves by inviting celebrity chefs to host culinary classes and prepare...

The most glittering thousand metres in the world

If every diamond sold anywhere in the world has visited Antwerp, why not follow their...

A salty attraction

Inside it houses a bowling alley, a theatre and even a quay. It’s not a...

At the storm’s edge

From the shores of Chesterman Beach in Tofino (Canada), the ferocity of the Pacific Ocean...

Bathe at 40 degrees in Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is, as they say, “an oasis of relaxation”: thermal waters and a...