A road trip on top of the world

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Carretera hacia Tsitsikamma national park

The garden of South Africa

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Australia: forever tied to the sea

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The future of gastronomy is already here

Who needs frying pans when you can have a 3D printer? That is what they asked themselves at Food Ink, experts in combining technology and cooking.

Where Robinson Crusoe was a Tourist

Pirates, treasure, prisoners, ex-patriots and colonists: all adventures recreated by Daniel Defoe. The spirit of...

Dubai’s numbers

Like an oasis in the middle of the desert, it rises up as a city...

The guardians of Virunga

The oldest National Park in Africa is home to over 1,100 species, including the mountain gorilla. After years of armed conflict, it has been reopened to tourism.
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Where God put the West

Utah and Arizona share Monument Valley, but the latter will always belong to John Ford, who in spite of not being...
Caño Cristales 2012

The river where the rainbow drowned

Yellow, blue, green, red and black. For six months of the year, under the surface of Caño Cristales in Colombia a...

White Island: the dramatic volcano

White smoke, sulphur and 800ºC temperatures. We discover the secrets of New Zealand’s most active...

Giving neighbourhoods a new look

Can a marginalised suburb become the “prettiest” area of a city? New York, Barcelona, Hong...

A man-made island

The craze for D.I.Y is nothing new. Centuries before the appearance of Pinterest and tutorials...

Sri Lanka, India’s tear

Sri Lanka seems to be breaking away from India like a drop of water in...

So you don’t miss the aurora borealis

Home to igloos with views. The Kakslauttanen arctic resort in the north of Finland fulfils...

The desert that ate Kolmanskop

It had its heyday during the first half of the 20th century, thanks to the diamonds that used to be found there. Nowadays, Kolmanskop, in Namibia, is a ghost town awash with sand.

Chicago, from gangster to hipster

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Chauen, contemplation blue

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Bangkok: Between two ages

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Bangkok, the new city of luxury

Exclusivity is what price-blind travellers are looking for. Luxury in the Thai capital encompasses everything...

The biggest cave in the world

In Vietnam, the remote village of Son Trach ‘hides’ the Son Doong Cave, the star...

India, unravelling myths

India combines the hustle and bustle of Delhi and Mumbai with the calm of its...

Have a winter adventure in Lofoten

There are islands that are made for summer, but that's not the case with Norway....

Start the new year first, in Kiribati

It is one of the least-visited countries in the world, and its inhabitants will be...

Star Railways

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According to many seasoned travellers, what matters is not so much where you are going, but how you are getting there. And this is especially true if you're travelling on one of the world's most luxurious trains.

On a cruise around Africa

The African Queen may be at the bottom of Lake Victoria, and there are no...

The most glittering thousand metres in the world

If every diamond sold anywhere in the world has visited Antwerp, why not follow their...

Wuppertal Suspension Railway

The city of Wuppertal (Alemania) has the world’s oldest monorail. It entered into service in...

The Islands of the Goddesses

The best kept secret in Galicia, Spain, are the Cíes Islands. White sandy beaches, turquoise...

Stunning photographs of Vatnajökull

Photographer Mikael Buck has captured the beauty of the ice caves of Iceland’s Vatnajökull glacier...