Vetoed for Tourism

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Farm holidays

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“When undressed, the man doesn’t exist.”

On his television programme, City Tour, and as dean of the Creative Campus, Federico Sánchez teaches us to think about where and how we live.

The longest trail in the world

24,000 km long, the Great Trail traverses Canada from coast to coast, making the country...

Where God put the West

Utah and Arizona share Monument Valley, but the latter will always belong to John Ford,...


In the guise of the Caribbean in the Indian Ocean, with turquoise seas and sandy coral beaches, Mauritius hides the promise of many adventures to come.
In the guise of the Caribbean in the Indian Ocean, with turquoise seas and sandy coral beaches, Mauritius hides the promise of many adventures to come.

Astrotourism, a Chilean speciality

Let us introduce you to the perfect setting to enjoy astronomic tourism, in perfect company. Millions of stars adorn the sky of Atacama Desert.

A trip down memory lane

Street markets, vintage shops and restaurants – recreations of times gone by where Time Machine orphans can feel at home again.

Let nature wash the stress away

If you need to unwind, forget the therapist's couch. In Japan, the best way of beating stress is a walk through...

Ode to the Spanish bar

260,000 establishments make Spain the country with the highest density of bars in the world....

Where cold comes from

In eastern Siberia, thermometers normally hover at around -50°C. It is a white steppe, where...

The Island of magical machines

Imagine combining the imagination of Jules Verne with the ingenuity of Leonardo Da Vinci. What...

Istanbul in slow motion

Discover your own moment of pleasure in Istanbul: A cruise down the Bosphorus, a massage...

The impossible burger arrives in California

Only the menus of three restaurants on the West Coast feature the ‘impossible burger’, a...

Las Vegas bets on red

You can visit ‘Sin City’ without committing one: you don’t have to get married dressed as Elvis or bet everything on roulette. What is impossible is to get bored, especially when you’re in good company.
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Fogo Island: from cod to art

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“Rather than my work, it is my lifestyle”

Photos: Guido van Helten
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The German Costa Blanca

Rügen, the biggest island in Germany, hides a sweeping coastline, which overlooks the Baltic Sea...

Nimbin: return to the 70s

Active communes, caravans decorated with the peace symbol and psychedelic t-shirts, all in the wilderness....

Mozambique: seashores and carnations

Mozambique is its islands and beaches. Chameleon-like sand bathed by the warm waters of the...

A smart jungle in a hotel

For Dubai, it isn’t enough to have the tallest hotel in the world, or the...

A walkable roller coaster

No need to strap yourself in: you can experience the thrill of this “ride” as...

Relaxing ‘Finnish style’

In Finland there is a sauna for every two people. The so-called ‘poor man's pharmacy’ has gone from being an old and simple tradition to the standard bearer of wellness tourism.

A cruise named Desire

The erotic games room, workshops for couples and themed parties are some of the activities...

For real fans only

It’s not about being good at something; it’s about being the best. These shops and...

The conquest of America

Rocky Balboa, Al Capone, 'cheesesteaks' and Benjamin Franklin define the true essence of Philadelphia, a...

The river where the rainbow drowned

Yellow, blue, green, red and black. For six months of the year, under the surface...

Christchurch: the improvised city

Five years ago an earthquake devastated New Zealand's second largest city. But there's something it...