>>>A match made on Instagram
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A match made on Instagram

Their loved-up images cross screens and borders. Take a sneak peek into the lives of the most famous travel couples on Instagram. They love each other, and they love to travel.

nstagram trends are often like a flash in a pan. But one thing endures: love. Last year’s most common hashtag, #love, was tagged almost one thousand million times. The most popular social network for young people has a thing for fancy tiles and adores travel couples, who rack up millions of followers.

Photographer Murad Osmann made his girlfriend go viral and proved that the rules of love have changed, at least on the internet. Social media has taken hold of the best stories. A summertime selfie on the beach with the sun setting in the background? Too mainstream. Nomad couples serve up pictures of their non-stop adventures. Quite often, these couples kissed their nine-to-five jobs goodbye and hit the road, hungry for an alternative lifestyle. The beach is their office and the world, the setting for their love story. Although living love through a lens doesn’t mean it will last forever. Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez, one of the most popular and well-loved couples on Instagram, caused a media storm a few months ago when they broke up and things started to get petty, all in plain view of their distraught followers. However, love still conquers Instagram. Check out these couples, who set life goals for travellers, lovers and anyone who simply loves to travel.

@doyoutravel – Lauren + Jack

They look straight out of a fashion shoot. Absolute Instagram royalty, these two have racked up more than 2 million followers. A photo they uploaded in the desert in Morocco got 80K likes in a couple of hours. Lauren and Jack, photographers and influencers, met in Fiji in 2016 and have been inseparable since. Their pictures are gorgeous. A white rock beach in Greece, vegan ice cream in Italy or an ‘infinity pool’ hanging from a tree in Bali. Their style is always on point and their skin is always tanned. From Capadocia to Santorini and from Marrakech to Kenya.


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@therollinghome – Calum + Lauren 

Calum and Lauren bought a Volkswagen T4 back in 2010. They founded their home, their relationship and their studio out of that van. Nearly 150,000 kilometres driving around Europe. This creative duo’s photos are all about vintage charm and boho spirit. Their book ‘The Rolling Home’ narrates their experiences on the road. “We want to show how easy and cheap it is to do what we have done, all you need is a map and a lot of imagination.”


@nomadicboys – Stefan + Sebastian

They’re been travelling together since 2014. Stefan and Sebastian packed up their London life and set off in search of adventure. This couple of foodies have travelled to Mongolia, Nepal, Chile and Argentina, among many other places. They write a blog and work with tourism offices giving conferences to provide information and activities for gay couples (focusing on countries where homosexuality is illegal).


@gettingstamped – Hannah + Adam

Hannah and Adam met at university. Like so many other couples, they lived the American dream until they saved enough money to start collecting stamps on their passports in 2013. They have visited 63 countries since then. Barbados, Cambodia, Belize, Cuba, Israel and the Maldives are just some of the destinations they offer tips on through their website. The perfect way to end the day: near the sea. Their next stop: Antarctica, the only continent they haven’t ticked off their list yet.


@shinliart – Li Seok + Shin Danbi

Their photos celebrate long-distance relationships. Shin Danbi lives in New York and her boyfriend Li Seok lives in Seoul. Their project ‘Half & Half’ shows photos of them doing the same thing at the same time, edited together. Neither the 11,000 kilometre gap nor the 14 hour time difference stops them doing things together: like eating ice cream or celebrating their birthdays. Evocative and unconventional images that prove that love knows no borders.


@lensbetweenus – Galova + Sedlacick

Another pair who use symmetry in their images. Australian creative couple, Zuzu Galova and Peter Sedlacik, take photos of each other, offering two takes on the same places: part portrait, part documentary. They act as a mirror and their IG account has an analogical, unique air. They have travelled the world, calling in at Chine, Slovakia, Budapest, Helsinki and Bali, among many other places.


@roamaroo – Scott + Collete

“We were tired of working for someone else’s dreams and decided that we wanted to work for our people.” Scott and Collete explain why they packed up their jobs in 2015 and became full time travellers. Adventure, nature and extreme sports, this couple is open to anything: they climbed Kilimanjaro and surfed on virgin beaches. They’ve also found the time to create their own website and tuck into a romantic meal in the Maldives.


@100worldkisses – Ignacio Lehmann + his camera

This account isn’t about one couple, it’s about hundreds. The traveller is Argentinean photographer Ignacio Lehmann, whose project ‘100 World Kisses’ shows photos of people kissing on the street around the world. Visiting 12 countries, his account shows anonymous couples expressing their love in the most universal way possible.


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