Our favourites

The Wanderer

Siddhartha Joshi

Complete blog with stories, advice and videos, complemented by a YouTube channel. One of the best-known Indian travel blogs.

“I am a firm believer in the concept of a world without borders, and believe that stories of travel and dreams can help connect the world to make it one.”

Les Voyages d’Ingrid

Ingrid Bauer

International seeker of trends, she offers a selection of addresses for shopping, accommodation, restaurants and culture. From how to survive the Cannes Film Festival, to travelling to Bhutan.

“My mood? LOVE: Luxury, Originality, Vie en rose and anything Extraordinary.”

A Hotel Life

Ben Pundole

A graduate in hotels, bars and restaurants, he has privileged knowledge of the hospitality world, having worked there for 20 years. He and his collaborators select hotels and interview their managers.

“We like hotels the way other people like Alexander Wang, Aston Martins, Damien Hirst and Kanye.”

L’Oiseau Rose


A personal travel blog that includes useful advice on preparing for a trip, and on taking the photos and videos that best record your travels.

“At 29 years of age I’m not ready to take on a ‘metro-work-sleep routine’, so I dropped everything to try to live my first love – travelling.”

Le Blog du Voyage

Chistopher Chriv

This French journalist travels the world nine months of the year looking for stories to tell. His posts give ideas and travel tips, but above all tell stories that are a mix of escapism, information and entertainment.

“I have no wish to make you dream: what I want is that my travel tales make you stop to think”.

Ducs Amsterdam

Daniel Duclos

All you ever wanted to know about Amsterdam and the Netherlands, told in the first person by an ex-pat Brazilian who moved to the country in 2007.

“I thought a blog would be a way of saving time emailing the family”.

Travelling out there 2.0

Aniko Villalba

These posts, by an Argentine-Hungarian traveller, are more emotional maps than mere tales from the road. Make sure you consult the blog archive, it always has a surprise post for every reader.

“I travel with a backpack as luggage not for any philosophical reason, but because I like to travel light and be free to move around easily. Besides, I don’t believe you need to take much with you to move to another place.”

Chasing the donkey

Sara-Jane y Mate Begonja

A young Australian couple moved with their baby to Croatia and decided to recount the adventure of building a new house and a new life, as well as their travels around the country.

“If you’re looking for a blog that is honest (at times to excess), and written by real live people who love Coacia, you’ve come to the right place,” they say.

Uma foto, uma historia

Gabriel Soeiro Mendes

An award-winning journalist and Portuguese travel photographer who maps the world and its people through pictures.

“My passion for photography fluctuates: at times it’s quite intense, other times less so. But, my love is always there, that’s never flags”.

Toad’s Travel Adventure

Matthew Woodward

Ever since I first tried InterRail in the 80s, I haven’t stopped exploring Europe and Asia by train, from Edinburgh to Tokyo.

“I don’t know where my love for trains came from, but like many children, I had a toy one when I was eight.”

The Land of Snows

Jamin ‘Lobsang’ York

This American blogger offers his fourteen years of experience as a guide and educator in Tibet to travellers wanting to discover Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan.

“While Tibet has a reputation as being an extremely difficult place to travel to, in reality it is quite easy.”

Surfing the planet

Rachele Cervaro and Gábor Kovács

The couple, an Italian woman and Hungarian man, met in Barcelona and decided to travel the world. They share advice in Spanish, Italian, English and Hungarian.

“We’ve seen so many incredible landscapes and fascinating cities, but what we really like is discovering unknown corners.”

360 Meridianos

Luíza, Natália y Rafael

Three young journalists from Belo Horizonte (Brazil) gave up their jobs to travel the world. Now returned to real life, through their blog they encourage other adventurous spirits to imitate their experience.

"We are dreamers who believe that long journeys change people’s lives".

What should I eat for breakfast today?

Marta Greber

For this Polish woman living in Berlin, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. She demonstrates this in her carefully prepared photographs, which also capture gastro establishments and guides to the cities that she visits.

"I love to eat breakfast in the morning and it has to be a quality time."

Passion Passport

Zach Glassman

In 2012 Zach Glassman set off to see the world with a backpack and a camera. This decision changed his life and led him to create a global community of travellers.

"We love travel but above all else we love new experiences".

Prêt á voyager

Anne Ditmeyer

Paris as seen by an American designer who has lived in the city since 2009, including her personal recommendations and practical tips.

“Living in France is not the same as visiting France”.

The Travelling Light

Katie McKnoulty

An incredibly visual selection of secret spots around the world: bars, restaurants, shops, etc. Beautiful photos that reflect the spirit of each place and tell a story.

“Una vez que comienzas a seguir a tu corazón y a la luz las cosas simplemente comienzan a encajar” .

Chicas NY

Andy Clar

Advice about shops, restaurants, offers and discounts in New York from an Argentine publicist who is in love with the city and wants to share her passion with you.

“It’s the meeting point for over a million women who have at some time visited the Big Apple and knew that they were going to return”.

Be on the road

Sankara Subramanian

This is one of the most popular travel blogs in India because not only does it cover all corners of the country, it also includes useful tips for travellers.

“I love demystifying the world of travel in India”.

Heather Poole

If you have ever wanted to find out what airline cabin crew talk about, this American flight attendant discovers the preferences and phobias of this profession in a very frank way.

“In order to be a flight attendant in the 1950s, women had to be attractive ‘just below Hollywood standards’”.


Luis Cicerone

Eating and travelling are the passions of this young Spaniard specialising in online marketing for tourism and who lives in Berlin. Nothing new, but organised simply and attractively.

“The objective of the blog is to take readers beyond typical attractions”.

Non solo turisti

Marco y Felicity

Although it includes trips all over the world, we especially like this blog because it helps us discover small villages, festivities and landscapes in Italy that go beyond the most well-known destinations.

“We are keen, inquisitive travellers; we are explorers that come from distant lands. And then of course, we are also tourists”.

Two Monkeys Travel

Jonathan Howe and Katrina Medina Umandap

A British architect and a Filipino economist met in Laos in 2013 and gave up everything to travel the world and to tell everyone about it, taking temporary jobs in order to fulfil their dream.

“Our long-term objective is to build a centre for yoga and environmental education on an idyllic island”.

La Buena Vida

Nicole Franzen

What does she use in her blog to connect photographs of food with the most enviable lifestyles? A map with essential addresses and photos, good photos of course.

“The blog’s Spanish name comes from her time living in New Mexico and South America”.

Eating Asia

Robyn Eckhardt y David Hagerman

Robyn Eckhardt abandoned her dissertation on politics in rural China in order to write about Asian cuisine from Penang, from where she travels to Turkey, India and other countries with the photographer David Hagerman.

“One of the reasons I most like living in Penang is that when people book a street food tour they never make a special request for bugs”.

L’Instant Parisien

Fabrice & Laurence

The human side of Paris, in its houses, jobs, cafés and streets is reflected in this blog, which pays special attention to decoration and graphic design.

“We wander at random through the streets looking for the next moment to capture”.

Classe touriste

Debbie Pappyn & David De Vleeschauwer

The power of the images and the original choice of their experiences is what we most like about this personal blog by a photographer and a travel writer.

“Travel photography is all about diversity, flexibility and creativity”.

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