>>>In 2017, look for me here

In 2017, look for me here

Where will you go in 2017? Here is a list of the hottest destinations for next year. Don’t say we didn’t tell you.

s travellers, we always feel an uncomfortable anxiety when we hear talk of a “spectacular” or “incredible” destination that we didn’t even know existed. Without any warning, our friends’ social networks are full of photos of “THE PLACE”. To avoid them taking you by surprise next year, we reveal the top spots you should visit.

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1. Aarhus (Denmark)

Aarhus is known as the city of smiles because of its friendly inhabitants. Its art scene is alive with activity thanks to the ARoS Art Museum, among others. In 2017, it will be European Capital of Culture, and it has a 500-page activity program ready. Also, if you are a foodie, you are in luck: Aarhus will also be the European Region of Gastronomy for the year.


2. Finland

If you don’t mind the cold and love saunas, this is the country for you. Even Burger King has a spa, in Helsinki. In 2017, Finland will celebrate its 100th birthday, with open-air concerts, culinary experiences, exhibitions and all types of activity. It will also open a new national park, and host the world figure skating and cross-country skiing championships.

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3. Colombia

It is sitting pretty on the Google trends list, and, what’s more, Cartagena de Indias is in second place on the TripAdvisor Top Destinations on the Rise list. On the verge of signing a peace agreement with rebels, Colombia is no longer reserved for the most intrepid travellers. In fact, in 2017, even the Pope is going there.

4. Mexico

Tulum is top of the Destinations on the Rise list. It was one of the last Mayan cities, and has been surprisingly well preserved, between beaches and cenotes. Less than 300 km away is Mérida, the White City, which will be the American Capital of Culture, in 2017.

5. Porto (Portugal)

Its culinary offerings and low-cost airlines have combined to make it the worst-kept secret, not to mention it being in third position on the Destinations on the Rise list. The wide estuary of the Douro river is brimming with terraces and local wineries to delight any bon vivant. Across the surrounding area, coquettish towns like Guimarães and Braga, complete a journey flavoured with wine.

Photo: Carlos Luján
6. London (United Kingdom)

The classics never die, and London defends its position as the only city that always appears among the top ten most desirable destinations on Google Trends. Under the threat of Brexit, many are hastening to visit Piccadilly Circus and Hyde Park, before they will be required to show their passports. Runners in particular: in 2017, London will host the World Championship in Athletics, where Usain Bolt will officially retire from the track.

7. Canada

The Canada Confederation was created 150 years ago. To celebrate, the government and its citizens have spent 25 years working on the Great Trail, the longest path on the planet, which will open in 2017. Measuring 24,000 km, it traverses the country from east to west, and you can follow it on foot, bike, horse, boat or even jet ski, depending on the stretch.

8. Bordeaux (France)

In 2015, the French chose it as their favourite city, and it will be yours as soon as you go there. Especially if you like wine. 2016 saw the opening of the Cité du Vin, a museum-theme park based on the national drink, housed in an uber-modern designer building.

Photo: Delpixel / Shutterstock.com
9. Cape Town (South Africa)

The South African capital is consolidating its status as the reference point for African art. In 2016, its Art Fair attracted twice as many participants than the previous year, and in 2017, the Zeitz MOCAA will open its doors, becoming the biggest contemporary art museum on the continent. It will be located in the Bo-Kaap district, home to the most modern side of Africa, with coworking centres, art galleries and cool cafés.

10. Iceland

A paradise of possibilities for the most adventurous: black beaches, green waterfalls, glaciers, thermal waters, the Northern Lights and more. It is the only place on the planet where you can dive between two continents. And in summer, the days are endless.

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