Off the record-10-10

Museums and taxi drivers

The mysterious case of the disappearing tripod

“Warning of the arrival of a polar cold wave”. A WhatsApp message from Carlos Luján, the photographer of the crew, reminded us that we had to include warm clothing in our baggage, although at that moment we were basking in 20 degrees. “I’ll wear an anorak”, said the producer Juan Rayos. However, he was reluctant to abandon his hipster canvas trainers. Even though it might snow. And it did snow.

The first snowfall caught us unprepared. We were coming out of the Italian restaurant L’Osteria, where we had gone to have dinner in homage to Paolo Fanale. We had interviewed the Italian tenor hours earlier at the opera house where Richard Strauss was conductor and where the works of Richard Wagner were premiered. Later, we had a juice with him on the top floor of the elegant Bayerischer Hof Hotel.

Due to the cold, he didn’t want to go out on to the terrace, despite the incredible views of the cathedral. He preferred the inside with the warmth of its fireplace, where several hotel guests were drinking champagne dressed only in the bath robes from the adjacent spa.

Many thanks to those Munich taxi drivers

It was still snowing when we came out of the Muffatwerk art centre. The surrounding streets were dark and deserted. We were looking for a way to get back to our hotel as quickly as possible when a taxi appeared out of nowhere and parked in front of ours. It was the same taxi driver who had taken us there hours earlier.

That wasn’t the only time that we had reason to be grateful to a taxi driver. One morning we left the tripod of one of our cameras in Sankt-Jakobs Square, opposite the Stadstadtmuseum and the Jewish Museum. When we returned hours later it was still there. However, we lost it again on the same day. This time in a taxi. Very kindly, the taxi driver brought it to the Brandhorst Museum where we were filming.

Many thanks to those Munich taxi drivers who listen to classical music on the radio. They deserve a bowl of soup at one of the small restaurants in Viktualienmarkt or a coffee and a butter pretzel at any of the Rischart patisseries spread throughout the city. Because Munich leaves you hungry for more.


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