We celebrate a new excuse for being seduced by the ‘charme’ of Bordeaux. ‘La Cité du Vin’ – an architectural wonder and a worthy tribute to the famous wine of these lands.
This is the Wonderland for 20-something Alices and if Charlie were an adult, it would be his chocolate factory. Welcome to Boom, welcome to Tomorrowland, the “Kingdom of Melodia” (electronic music).
It is the Eternal City because past, present and future meet together there. But also because Rome can always surprise you with something new, even if you've visited a thousand times before.
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To visit Las Vegas and Lisbon at the same time you only have to travel to China. Welcome to Macau, the capital of extravagance.
001_Foto DESTACADA_ 15612_MusikhusetAarhus_Jonas Høholt
It's set to be the European Capital of Culture for 2017. But in Aarhus, a love of culture is not simply a one-year affair; in this Danish city art is a way of life.
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Fine wine, the songs of Edith Piaf and a gentle southerly breeze: We’re undoubtedly in France, But we’re also travelling back in time in the Anjou velo vintage, Europe's top vintage bike race.
If you love high-tech games and trendy brands, and you’re a manga freak, then Tokyo is for you. Above all, head to the downtown district of Shibuya. Here you'll not only find countless shops and super-sized malls, you can also go with the flow and join the masses on the busiest street crossing in the world.
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The Portuguese capital is gearing up to sing along to lyrics by Bruce Springsteen, Queen+Adam Lambert, Maroon 5 and Avicii at the “world's biggest music festival”.
Life is too short to drink bad wine. But this is never an issue in Margaret River, a small town with a big reputation for wine, fine dining, natural beauty and friendly locals.
A “cool” Oporto has been born. The city with the world’s most venerable “saudade” also has an artistic and “indie” fast beating heart of festivals, art and tapas.
Five years ago an earthquake devastated New Zealand's second largest city. But there's something it didn't destroy: the fighting character of its residents.
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Once a year, in the middle of the South African desert, a short-lived town devoted to art is set up for the sole purpose of having fun. There are no rules in AfrikaBurn.
NEW ORLEANS, LA - APRIL 30:  performs during the 2015 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival presented by Shell at the Fair Grounds Race Course on April 30, 2015 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Douglas Mason/Getty Images)
Every year more than half a million people come to New Orleans to be caught up with swing at its macrofestival. Over 130 artists will be taking to the stages.
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Oslo, a frequent high-flyer on the lists of the most expensive European capitals, has a generous and affordable soul: its parks, its museums with the Oslo Pass, and its streets that boast thousands of years of history or a contemporary design.
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The sporting event of the year touches down in South America for the first time. The Brazilian city is getting ready to light the Olympic torch, this time among palm trees.
Enjoying a basket of ‘xiaolongbao’, these pork-filled steamed dumplings, is an initiation rite to begin discovering Shanghai cuisine, the gastronomic heart of China.
In April 1516, William IV, Duke of Bavaria proclaimed ‘Reinheitsgebot’, the German Beer Purity Law. Five centuries later, the Bavarians are still celebrating.
It defines itself as “a mixture of an educated air with a touch of Texas bravado”. Austin goes against the current…and is proud of it.
Some years ago there was an attempt to open the 'Dracula-Land' theme park in Transylvania. The project was banned by the Romanian government, which for some time has been discouraging tourism that surrounds the lure of the ‘bloodsucker’.
In order to live the true Japanese way and experience the customs of Japanese culture, the ‘ryokan’ guesthouses allow you to stay in a traditional house and live, bathe and eat just like the Japanese did hundreds of years ago.
Rocky Balboa, Al Capone, 'cheesesteaks' and Benjamin Franklin define the true essence of Philadelphia, a megalopolis in the state of Pennsylvania and the first American city to be declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
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It’s not about being good at something; it’s about being the best. These shops and restaurants take the risk but succeed in dong so by deciding to specialise in just one product.
The mecca of country music does not rest on its laurels and live off its legends. Musicians such as Taylor Swift and Keith Urban live here, where artists of many different styles have recorded and performed.
This sleepy Austro-Hungarian city, the capital of Slovenia, is the European Green Capital 2016. In record time it has gone from traffic jams and pollution to become a peaceful, riverside enclave.
The small city of Taipei, in Taiwan, is the World Design Capital 2016. However, it has been an example of modernity in Asia for years.
This is the only city in the world with one foot in Asia and another in Europe. When you are between two cultures, you can’t choose just one of them
New York never stops reinventing itself. If you travel there this winter there’s no way to avoid the cold, but we can show you the hottest places to discover in 48 hours.
This is the smallest country in southeast Asia, but it has no reason to be envious of the larger ones. It fits skyscrapers, traditional neighbourhoods, and a true overdose of leisure activities into its 700 km2.
Here we seek to challenge London’s stereotypical greyness...Grab your umbrella (best to be on the safe side), because although the day may start dark, the English capital is home to places of all colours. Lets us show you them!
They talk about the thawing ice, but here the mojitos are served nice and cool. Life in Havana continues to flow to the rhythm of the Cuban beat, and we have 48 hours to get you hooked on it.
There are those who need time to get to know a city, but Santiago in Chile is love at first sight. We covered the main sites of the city in two days. A romance against the clock.
Photo: MasterLu
Experts recommend having five meals a day, which makes a total of ten over a weekend. In your case, 10 chances to “eat the city”.
san-francisco copia
Every neighbourhood has its own essence that makes it unique, a characteristic flavour, colours…that only make sense if we mix them together. Like in a cocktail bar, we become barmen in order to show you the best of San Francisco in 48 hours.
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