>>>20 places to visit in your 20s

20 places to visit in your 20s

The journey doesn’t depend only on the destination. There are some places you have to experience with the mind and heart of someone in their twenties.

f you still haven’t reached 30, congratulations: you don’t know the true meaning of the word ‘hangover’ (believe us, you really don’t), and you still have enough energy to carry your backpack, sleep badly (but cheaply), go sightseeing in the morning and party at night. So, take advantage of it and visit these 20 places now! You can go when you are older, but it won’t be the same.

1. Berlin (Germany)

Interesting for you because it is the world capital of partying and the underground. Likeable because you will see people and places you had never imagined. But, the best thing about Berlin is that it will make you learn about history without realising it.

2. Copenhagen (Denmark)

You are still young enough to get a child’s enjoyment out of exploring this city’s canals by bike. Visit Tivoli, an amusement park over 170 years old. It may be your last chance to ride a roller coaster.

3. Budapest (Hungary)

The hipster capital of Europe will surprise you with its beauty. In its ruin bars, you will feel like you are at your grandmother’s house, but with long drinks. And you can have a ‘sparty’ at a centenarian spa, like Széchenyi.

4. Barcelona (Spain)

This is a must-visit at any age, but in your 20s, you have the advantage of being able to go out for tapas during the day, party at night and sleep on the beach in the morning. Don’t miss Born, the city’s coolest district of the now.

5. Dublin (Ireland)

This city has one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, at Trinity College, and one of the oldest breweries, Guinness. Do you need any other reasons?

6. Brussels (Belgium)

Chocolate galore. Hundreds of varieties of different beers. French fries sold on every corner. Since you still don’t need to worry about triglycerides, Brussels will delight your palate, and your eyes. Marvel at the architecture on Grand Place.

7. Paris (France)

Being in love in your 20s means living on and for passion. And there is no better place to enjoy la vie en rouge than the city of love. You can walk its cobbled stones again and again, but your lasting memory of Paris will always be your first love.

8. Porto (Portugal)

A charming city, and low cost with it. In the famous Ribeira quarter, you can start discovering the pleasures of wine. Yes, it is time to start appreciating it, because soon you won’t want to drink anything else.

9. Havana (Cuba)

Not because you will be 30 before you realize, but because you have to visit Havana as soon as possible. It has already started its transformation, but you are still in time to discover the Caribbean decadence, with the scent of Cuban cigars and taste of rum, that enamoured Hemingway.

10. Croatia

Dubrovnik is King’s Landing. But, if that isn’t enough, Croatia has the cleanest and most lively beaches on the Mediterranean, like Zrce, a true partying hub. It also has more than a thousand islands and magical medieval cities, like Split.

11. Thailand

The backpacking journey par excellence starts in chaotic Bangkok and continues via beaches, temples and numerous smiles from strangers. The bad thing about going when you are young is that, after this, few beaches will surprise you in later life. If you time your trip correctly, don’t miss the legendary Full Moon Party at Ko Pha Ngan.

12. Amsterdam (Holand)

At night, there are parties to suit all tastes. During the day, you won’t tire of exploring its canals on a bicycle. Nervous giggles in the red-light district and ‘coffee shops’ will be the best part of your journey.

13. London (United Kingdom

“What a lovely t-shirt.” “Thanks, I bought it on Portobello Road/in Camden Town”. If you can’t give that answer, you are out of touch. What’s more, no traveller worth their salt can ignore Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park or Trafalgar Square.

14. Las Vegas (United States)

Don’t go rushing there as soon as you turn 20. Wait for 21. By then, you will be considered an adult in the United States, and you will be able to go to the giant nightclubs and casinos. Where else can you go apart from Las Vegas? You can let your hair down at the LAVO Party Brunch or ride a dune buggy through the Nevada desert.

15. India

The mystique of this magical continent will call you for your entire life. From bustling Bombay to the tranquillity of Munnar, passing through the party beaches of Goa. But, it is a more ‘digestible’ journey if you do it in your twenties. A true life lesson and better to get it as soon as possible.

16. Sydney (Australia)

There is a cosmopolitan atmosphere around the Opera House. Nearby, on Bondi Beach, you will find surfers, tanned bodies and hippie artists. Sydney is the first major city to welcome in each new year and it does it in a swimsuit.

17. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Nurse your hangover on the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. Spend Christmas dancing a samba in a bikini. Go during the Rio Carnivals and you will be able to say you have already lived enough.

18. The Inca Trail (Peru)

This 43km route goes from Cuzco to Machu Picchu. The best way to enjoy the hike and its landscapes is to have the energy of someone in their twenties. Get ready for waking up at the crack of dawn, tackling hundreds of stairs, and for landscapes that leave you speechless.

19. Ruta 66 (United States)

Another essential legendary highway. You may think car is a comfortable way to travel, but your back, even at 20 years old, will tell you the opposite. From east to west, there are almost 3,860 km to cover.

20. Ibiza (Spain)

The epicentre of world partying: nightclubs like Pachá, Amnesia and Ushuaia have the best DJs and the hottest celebrity patrons. And if you don’t like that, the coves with their pristine waters will make you forget how strange you are. Madonna said it long ago. Ibiza is ‘la isla bonita’.

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