>>>A luxury forest

A luxury forest

Small villas camouflaged among the vegetation and an infinity pool with views of…more vegetation. Welcome to the lushest luxury resort in Bali.
They say that mass tourism is endangering its heavenly beaches and untouched landscapes. But there is a place that, despite being man-made, appears to be a real extension of the natural habitat. But this does not mean that it’s basic or uncomfortable. In fact, on the contrary, it contains everything one could wish for. Escape from beach resorts and enter the jungle to enjoy a five-star holiday.
To do this, you have to travel inland on the island, specifically to Payangan, a town to the north of Ubud. This is the closest town, which you’ll have to travel to in a minibus or taxi. The truth is, in order to find peace and quiet, there is nothing quite like getting away from it all (and having accommodation) in the depths of the forest. The Ubud Hanging Gardens resort awaits you there. The resort complex sits majestically among hundred-year-old trees and jungle for as far as the eye can see. When it was built, the idea was to create something magical and authentic in the heart of the Bali jungle and, judging by the happy faces of most guests, they pulled it off.

Meet your neighbours

As comfortable as the Ubud Hanging Gardens resort is, you’ll also want to discover your surroundings. Ubud is the closest town and is known for its cultural life, its mysticism, its cafés and the Monkey Forest, a nature reserve to the south of the town that is inhabited by hundreds of monkeys.

Nothing is left to chance here. The abundant use of bamboo in the construction is not an accident, but is based on the theory that this material restores emotional calm and stimulates creativity. The principles of Feng Shui, the architecture of energy, are also respected. But if there’s one place that we must give special mention to, it is without doubt the swimming pool. Winner of the best swimming pool in the world, the split-level infinity pool is one of the most photographed places in the whole of Bali. It has a geometric wall made of solidified volcanic ash that appears to float, giving its lucky bathers the feeling that they are swimming over the treetops.
The hotel has four types of villa, and most of them have a private swimming pool at the front (if you haven’t had enough with the infinity pool…). The villas reserved for couples are separate from the other accommodation so that they can have privacy and can breakfast on champagne by their pool every day if they wish. And as we are on the subject of romance, why not spoil yourself and relax in an authentic Balinese spa?
To get the most out of your stay in paradise, there’s nothing like combining peace and quiet with a little action. Tours in horse-drawn carriages through small villages, hitchhiking through the valleys and rice fields, days spent rafting down the Ayung River or an excursion to the Batur volcano. An action-packed day topped off with a gourmet dinner at the floating restaurant at the swimming pool. We told you, it’s complete luxury.

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