>>>“I’ll always be travelling, scissors included.”
Miguel Gutierrez, ‘The Nomad Barber’

“I’ll always be travelling, scissors included.”

Scissors in hand, Miguel Gutierrez, a barber from Liverpool, decided to travel the world, to discover the secrets of his profession. A journey through the places with the greatest tradition in this art, which he documented through his web series Nomad Barber, achieving over six million views on his YouTube channel.

iguel had his great idea while sitting in a café: cutting hair in incredible locations. It was the seed of a project that materialised as a 12-month journey through 30 countries, to discover how the culture of barbery, which began in the year 3,500 BC, has evolved on the five continents. He travelled from Turkey to India, passing through Australia and returning via the Americas.

What were you looking to learn/get to know during your journey?

I wanted to discover barbering, but more on a cultural level. The techniques are also interesting but I mostly wanted to learn about why and how people got into barbering all over the world, and how they live their lives.

Miguel always seeks out the most impressive natural and urban locations, to document his haircuts.

What is the barber equipment you always travel with?

I always travel with 2 pairs of Wahl cordless clippers, a pair of trimmers, my scissors and combs and that’s pretty much it.

“I wanted to learn how people understand barbering all over the world”

What do you enjoy most about being a barber?

Definitely the interaction with the clients. Customers can become friends and you can easily change their day by giving them a great service. A trip to the barbershop is one of the things guys can do where they don’t have to do much but relax and just chat.

How has travelling influenced the way you practise barbering?

In our shops we offer shaves and services inspired by the world of barbering without pinpointing one place. We try and incorporate different service levels that I experienced around the world. It really is all about the experience the customer gets.

He took advantage of his journeys to get his hair cut and have a shave at local barbershops.

How do you choose the customers that appear In your videos and photographs?

It completely varies, one day it could be a rickshaw driver, the next could be a follower and sometimes it was just someone we had met in a hostel or from walking around.

What is your favorite location around the world in which you have been barbering?

My favourite place was India; the barbershop is a huge part of society there. Even if it is a low ranking job, they have my respect for their hard work and ethic. That’s why I’ll always be travelling, scissors included”.

In his nomadic eagerness, he visited the United States, to soak up the latest US trends.

‘The Nomad Barber’

Miguel Gutierrez is The Nomad Barber, a barber in constant motion and creator of the webserie ‘Nomad Barber’ web series. Crowdfunding gave him the support he needed for him and his scissors to begin their journey. After the adventure, he opened his own barbershop in London and, shortly afterwards, in Berlin. There, he offers unique customer service, inspired by his travelling experience.

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