>>>Love in the time of kale

Love in the time of kale

Going out for dinner is no longer a problem. More and more restaurants are adapting their menus to please both partners in mixed couples of vegetarians and meat eaters. Dine without prejudice. ¡Bon appétit!
ith over 600 million vegetarians in the world, it’s not unusual for one partner in a couple to be vegetarian and the other not. On Saturday nights, millions of them discuss whether one will give in and go to a veggie restaurant or whether to choose a traditional establishment where the vegetarian options are limited to a salad. Fortunately for romantic relationships, more and more places are including ‘vegetable-based’ options on their menus. Meat and fish give way to broccoli, sweet potatoes and avocadoes. And ‘omnivore couples’ love not arguing over dinner.
Supporters of the ‘farm-to-table’ movement usually publish where the ingredients that they use are sourced from. The Brussels sprouts at Dig Inn come from Bayview Farm in Jamesport.
Photo: Dig Inn

Meatless Monday

The Meatless Monday campaign promotes not eating meat one day a week. Italian American TV chef Mario Batali has joined the cause. His OTTO pizzerias in New York and Las Vegas recommend it to their customers.

New York – Veggie fever
The Big Apple, as nearly always, is at the head of this new culinary trend. Chefs have turned their restaurant menus green, including fine dining establishments. Dovetail, the holder of one Michelin star, has included a vegetarian menu and another ‘vegetable-focused’ menu every Monday. Throughout the week, chef Jean-Georges prepares dishes using seasonal organic vegetables at ABC Kitchen. It also shares the ‘from the farm to the table’ philosophy with Dig Inn, a restaurant chain that wants to democratise health eating by making it affordable.
i Latina is one of the finest Latin American restaurants according to the panel of judges of ‘50 Best Restaurants’.

Takeaway in NY

Il Bambino is deceptive: although a pig appears in its logo, it’s famous for its vegetarian options. Its paninis have become so popular in Queens that they’re opening new premises in Manhattan.

Buenos Aires – In the land of the barbecue
It’s not easy to be a vegetarian in Argentina. It’s among the 20 countries that consume the most meat per year, with 91.7 kilos per person. If giving up barbecued meat isn’t an option, there are several ‘mixed’ restaurants. Rogelia, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, serves up home cooking. Its chard fritters with garlic mayonnaise are as tasty as the beef ribs. Ninina Bakery specialises in beef burgers, but also vegetarian and vegan varieties. i Latina has adapted its Latin American fine-dining experience to offer a vegetarian option for each of its dishes. Do you prefer seafood or mushroom ceviche?
You’ll soon be able to find Il Bambino’s paninis and crostinis in Greenwich Village, NYC.
London – The most multicultural destination
French chef Bruno Loubet declares that he is impartial in the war of vegans against carnivores and states that meat, fish and vegetables are all equally important in his dishes. However, he can’t hide his favouritism for greens. All you have to do is visit Grain Store to see for yourself. Another option is the Indian cuisine of Lotus, in Leicester Square. India is the country with the highest number of vegetarians in the world, 40% of its population. Indian restaurants are the top choice among omnivore couples, as nearly all the dishes have a vegetarian version.
California – Flexible menus
In the veggie capital par excellence, they have been accommodating the most demanding customers in their menus for years. In this context, Gather is a sustainable restaurant located in the ‘greenest’ building in Berkeley. The New York Times said that it was “the definitive omnivore’s solution”. To allay the fears of carnivores, its vegetable dishes have the option of added bacon. And the truth is, everything can be adapted. At Mohawk Bend the buffalo sauce includes cauliflower instead of chicken wings and the result is spectacular.

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