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Gaggan Anand

Chef at Gaggan restaurant
“I did not choose Bangkok, it was destiny”
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The new city of luxury
Exclusivity is what price-blind travellers are looking for. Luxury in the Thai capital encompasses everything from capsule massages to eating with your hands at the restaurant run by the best chef in Asia
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Sherry Minnard

Director and teacher of yoga programmes
‘I’m a yoga warrior’
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Unravelling myths
India combines the hustle and bustle of Delhi and Mumbai with the calm of its meditation centres. And this contradiction is hypnotising. As Mark Twain wrote, this country has ‘an imperishable interest for alien persons’.
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Kathrin Ernest

Kitesurfing instructor
“Mauritius is the opposite of a busy lifestyle”
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The adventurer’s dream
In the guise of the Caribbean in the Indian Ocean, with turquoise seas and sandy coral beaches, Mauritius hides the promise of many adventures to come.
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Raquel Tavares

“It’s people who make cities”
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Street stories
Lisbon's reflection shines in the Tagus, along whose reclaimed banks residents now walk with a little more pride, as time has only increased its beauty.
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Federico Sánchez

“When undressed, the man doesn’t exist.”
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Santiago de Chile and Valparaíso

Signature cities
The capital of the longest, narrowest country on the planet has reinvented itself on several occasions. Now cosmopolitan and welcoming, it invites us to discover its past and its and future.
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Cok Ratih

Dancer and entrepreneur
“You can’t separate art from life”
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The Island of the Gods
Bali invites you to dive into its waters, don a mask and dance until dawn, traverse the jungle between volcanoes and meditate in a cliff-top temple.
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Virgilio Martínez

Chef and entrepreneur
“You have to eat Lima whole”
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The tastes of Lima
When you are in the capital of Peru, you need to keep all your senses on high alert. The sounds and the smells will show you where to look, while your sight will lead your taste buds on. Eating in Lima, is truly a celebration for all the senses.
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Malik J. Fernando

“Ceylon tea has been the lifeblood of Sri Lanka”
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Sri Lanka

Blessed by nature
Discover the Buddhist temples, dreamy beaches and colonial cities hidden by the luxuriant natural setting of the ‘resplendent island’.
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Kiren Jogi

Actress and producer
“London is a hub for the world”
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European capital of cinema
It has been the stage for movies of intrigue, war and romance but close up it is even more impressive. On this trip around the British capital, we explore just why cinema loves London so much.
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TV presenter
“Istanbul is the ‘checkpoint’ where history and mystery meet”
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In slow motion
Discover your own moment of pleasure in Istanbul: A cruise down the Bosphorus, a massage in a Turkish bath or a ‘meze’ dinner that ends smoking shisha.
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Paolo Fanale

Opera singer
“I live through art”
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Munich, a passion for art
An art-lovers paradise awaits in the capital of Bavaria. Follow us to the heart of culture and art in Europe.
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Liam Aldous

“Madrid is on the verge of a new ‘movida’”
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A tale of two cities
It never fails to delight. “Insolent and yet perfect” says Almodóvar. Sometimes it’s cosmopolitan and other times it’s dominated by tradition. The Spanish capital has a thousand different faces and presents whichever side it wants. Why? Because it can.
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