>>>Six tips to make your cabin crew hate you

Six tips to make your cabin crew hate you

If you want to be the passenger that any air cabin crew member would love, or gain an extra pillow, never behave like this!
The job of a cabin crew member is not to serve coffee. It is to look after the safety of passengers. Their training includes theoretical and practical tests and they undergo continual refresher courses. Sympathy and politeness are also essential requirements for the job, which has a high degree of contact with the public.
If you don’t want to be included on the passenger blacklist of any airline, we recommend the following:
Some passengers can’t wait and continually call attendants when they need something.

Joining the ‘Mile High Club’

If you believe that your clumsy or successful attempts to join the club made up of those who have had sex in the toilet of an aeroplane is the worst thing that can happen to a flight attendant, remember that the walls are thin and that trans-oceanic flights are very long and boring.

1.- Solve your ‘knee disputes’ with other passengers yourself. Do not inform flight attendants if the person travelling in front of you reclines their seat or if a child kicks the back of your seat. You’ll be putting her in an awkward dilemma. Neither should you make a complaint against the airline. It is not to blame. Do not initiate a debate amongst all passengers about this practice. The pilot may decide to return to the flight’s origin if he believes that passengers are unruly. It’s better to politely discuss your problem with the other passenger. On the other hand, if you are the one reclining your seat, do so gently and slowly. Remember that the other passenger could have a laptop or drink on their tray. The best thing to do is ask permission first.
2.-Obey the flight attendant’s instructions. Sit down and fasten your seatbelts when you are asked to. If the flight’s takeoff is delayed or the plane is diverted to another airport to land because of you, you’ll have more than just the flight attendant to deal with. The other passengers won’t be your greatest admirers either.
Flight food has a reputation for being boring and unappetising.
3.- If you are thirsty or want a blanket, wait until an attendant passes by your seat. Do not call crew members when they are busy somewhere else. It won’t be long until someone passes by.
Sleeping deeply on a plane can lead to embarrassing situations.
4.- Sometimes it’s difficult to find free space in compartments to store all your hand luggage. Many passengers choose not to check in their suitcases so that they don’t have to wait. Crew members cannot double the space available by magic. Think logically and let your suitcase go in the hold.
5.- Whether you are a frequent or occasional flyer, a glance at the snack menu or at the tray of food that attendants leave on your stowaway table could leave you disgusted at the lack of variety or its unappetising appearance. Remember that for attendants this routine is even more boring.
6.-Fear of flying is not unusual. Some people who suffer from this, combat it by using sedatives or sleeping pills, which put them into a state of deep sleep, turning them into what flight attendants call ‘zombie passengers’. These passengers sleep so deeply that they can even undress or behave in other embarrassing ways, for both the crew and themselves.

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