>>>‘Single’ or not, you’ll never travel alone

‘Single’ or not, you’ll never travel alone

Single, separated, divorced or widowed. Whatever your reason for being alone, travelling without a partner has never been so exciting.
ver half the adults in the United States are single. The proportion has doubled since 1960. Similarly, 37 per cent of German households are made up of only one person. Since marriage is no longer a necessity, the options widen and we demand more from life. “The thing about being single is, you should cherish it,” says Alice (Dakota Johnson) in the film ‘How to Be Single’, which addresses the love lives of young people in New York City. An optimistic and positive perspective of being single that defies the eternal stigma. In the case of ‘single tourism’, it’s the ladies who are on top. More specifically, it’s women between 35 and 60, who want to ditch the norm for unconventional destinations like Egypt or Indonesia and get away on their own terms at a time that is convenient for them.
Forty-five per cent of the people who stay at Hotel Mistral Single repeat their experience.
Foto: Mistral Hotel

A far-from-peaceful spa

Party-loving singletons should be sure to check out the so-called ‘SPArties’, in Budapest, organised in the city’s thermal baths. An original way of helping foster international friendships, events are held throughout the spring and summer in Szechenyi Baths, and also in winter, in Lukacs Baths.

Holidays are the ideal time to leave your mobile behind for a few days and forget all about the male and female suitors on Meetic and eDarling. Often the best thing to do is meet up on a boat to get to know people face-to-face – like on the Love Cruise, not merely a TV show but a real-life boat that sails around the Mediterranean and the Greek or Baltic Islands. You’ll never travel alone (if you don’t want to), because these days singles know how to use their imagination and are out to enjoy themselves. Over the past ten years the number and variety of activities organised exclusively for this sector has been growing significantly, thanks in no small part to the internet. There are countless specialised trips solo travellers and you can book an organised holiday to the savannah, the Caribbean or Imperial China at the click of a mouse button. There are also trips for single-parent families who prefer to spend their summers widening their circle of friends while visiting Count Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania or discovering the Iceland of the Vikings.
Hotel Aviva is the first place in Europe to offer accommodation exclusively for single people. It is located right in the middle of the mountains of Austria and its slogan is: ‘Make friends’. Aviva offers its guests the opportunity to participate in yoga sessions, salsa workshops or golfing days, or even join an excursion on a mountain bike, or simply relax in the 2,000-square-metre spa. Another paradise for singles is to be found in Crete. Here, they make a real effort to allay any fears travellers might have about going on holiday alone. “Some people are on the point of cancelling at the last moment,” they acknowledge at Hotel Mistral Single, located five minutes from the beach, in Crete. Vassilis runs this small 35-room hotel that, though completely family-free, offers a homely atmosphere.
Singles use the internet to help them find other people with the same hobbies and interests.
Foto: Zoran Karapancev / Shutterstock.com
The guests are called by their first names, the food is homemade and the vegetables come from the hotel garden. Most of the clients are between 40 and 60 years old and activities range from organised dives to learn all about the seabed of the warm Mediterranean Sea, to a visit to the island of Gramvousa or the beaches at Elafonissi and Falasarna. Anyone searching for absolute calm can try paddleboard yoga, a variation of paddle-surf combined with yoga, perfect for achieving total relaxation in on the gentle waves.
The Full Moon Party is an international event that draws people from all over the world.
Foto: Golffy / Shutterstock.com
Alternatively, if you fancy something a little less tranquil, some hotels organise specific events for singles. For instance, the Singles Party Meliá Cuba, promises a full week of fun and parties designed to help singles make new friends in Varadero, the best beach in Cuba.

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