>>>The Alpine splendour of the Grand Train Tour

The Alpine splendour of the Grand Train Tour

Who hasn’t dreamed of travelling through lush green scenery, admiring crystal-clear lakes and picture postcard villages? Travelling through the Swiss Alps by train makes this very dream come true.
e usually imagine a long railway journey as a calm and peaceful experience, with the sunlight pouring in through the window and giving colour to the landscapes that pass by. The kind of light that allows us to see the specks of dust that circle around us. A train is also a marvellous place to watch the rain or the snow leave their mark on the windowpane as we observe the changing scenery. All this while we are nice and warm, relaxed, swaying to the gentle rhythm of the machinery. Travelling this way through a majestic mountainous country is a great pleasure. Switzerland is an ideal place to make this dream come true and the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland makes it possible.
A visit to the Swiss Alps offers numerous leisure opportunities.
Photo: Swiss Travel System

Just 1 ticket, 9 stages

Numerous possibilities with just one ticket. From Montreux to Zermatt, the Glacier Express, the winding Bernina Express, the Palm Express stages, the William Tell or Voralpen Express, from Lucerne to Zürich and from there to St. Gallen…all in comfort and with first class service. Travel the Alps in style.

Travel 1,280 km on one of the most stunning panoramic routes in the world to enjoy a true Swiss experience. Nature, snow sports, cosmopolitan cities and small villages; travelling the Swiss Alps by train is a varied and dynamic experience. It’s even more exciting if you travel in winter, with wide expanses of white snow covering landscapes that become almost dreamlike. Summits of over 4,000 metres, high-climbing railway passes, scenery including marshes and then vineyards, the Rhine Falls, Chillon Castle, stops in Chamonix or in Zermatt, from where you are dazzled by the Matterhorn, the most famous mountain in Switzerland. To the south, a snaking route that winds its way towards Italy, with a view of its famous Lake Como and visits to the cities of Lugano or Ticino.
The chance to enjoy some time on the slowest express train in the world heightens the feeling of disconnection from the hustle and bustle of daily life in which we are usually immersed. Stopping at any intermediate station you desire to let yourself be carried away by your impulses and the beauty of the scenery; everything is possible on this journey. This is a sensual journey through vast landscapes, including the smells and sounds of nature and its animals, the flavours of mountain cuisine…local cuisine that includes specialities such as ‘fondues’, ‘rostis’ and tartiflettes’. Culinary delights that perfectly match the surroundings and the climate.
Nature at its purest for over 1,000 km of railway line.
Photo: Swiss Travel System

Short trips or longer stays

On the Grand Train Tour service you can cover the whole route with just one ticket: the Swiss Travel Pass. There is the option of four days, which is ideal for travellers who plan shorter stays; and there is the eight-day Swiss Travel Pass, for those who choose longer holidays.

This is a journey that also gives you the chance to discover the cities of Lucerne, Zürich, St. Gallen (whose site and Abbey library have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO), Rapperswil (known as the city of roses), Zermatt and St. Moritz. The Swiss Alps occupy most of the country, which enables an endless variety of routes and combinations. Their idyllic ambience is what unites all of them. It can be no coincidence that Victor Hugo and Lord Byron allowed themselves to be seduced by inspiration in this mountain range, which you can now discover from the comfort of your seat on a train, with one of their works in your hand.
In this area mountain peaks reach up to 4,000 metres.
Photo: Swiss Travel System

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