>>>The best places in the world for your wedding photos
Photo: James Frost

The best places in the world for your wedding photos

The setting may make the difference between a conventional wedding and an extraordinary one. Most likely both will be unforgettable, but the second will definitely have better photos.
he traditional altar photo is a far cry from striking a pose at the foot of the Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Iceland, or under a cloak of stars in Yosemite National Park, California. These are some of the places people have chosen to say “I do”, while also taking the art of wedding photography to the next level, in photos gathered through a contest run by specialist website Junebug Weddings. Fifty snapshots on a round-the-world smooch. In these pics, newly-wed couples look into each other’s eyes as if there were nothing else on the planet. This is difficult to comprehend when you consider the beautiful landscapes surrounding them: from mountains and deserted roads, to urban scenes, frozen at a special moment. The classics are there too, including the Eiffel Tower and Central Station, New York. These are just a few of the thousands of photographs submitted to this competition.
Seljalandsfoss waterfall, measuring 60m high, is one of few waterfalls that can be viewed from inside.
Photo: Virginia & Evan Studios

Love in paradise

Weddings in paradise are not just for celebrities. Alain Brin, a specialist in tropical destinations, proves this through a photograph of a couple surrounded by shoals of fish, on Turtle Bay Beach, Virgin Islands. Other images in exotic locations include Seychelles, Fiji and Varanasi, India.

Iceland is one of the favourite places for those seeking luxuriant nature and wild romanticism for the happiest day of their lives. Elizabeth and Brian, who wanted to find a “beautiful, adventurous and unique” place, opted for the land of fire and ice. “We also hoped to get a glimpse of the Northern Lights.” And they were in luck, with the aurora borealis shining on their wedding night. Mait, of M&J Studios, was behind the camera, ready to immortalise the moment. They were also two very special days for him and his assistant. The photo shoot took place at several locations, including the most extreme place any of them had ever visited.
On the way to Jökulsárlón glacial lake, they decided to visit an ice cave. “The cave forms every autumn and is unique every year, as it completely melts down in the spring. It being there in March was a small miracle.” The miracle did not go unnoticed by the judging panel, which included one of the photos of this cave in its selection of the best wedding destinations for 2016.
Elizabeth and Brian scoured part of southern Iceland to complete their photo album.
Photo: Mait Jüriado
The same solitary enclaves, but on the other side of the world, in New Zealand and Australia are other favourites among lovers of the great outdoors. They include people like Maria and Pat, photographed by James Frost as they defied waves at Bombo Headland Quarry, New South Wales. The huge basalt columns, reminiscent of Giant’s Causeway, in Northern Ireland, were bathed by the Tasman sea on this occasion.
The red of Wild Horse Canyon, Utah, inspired photographer Ethan Watts.
Photo: Ethan Watts/ Light&Co
To get there, you have to come off the Kiama Coast Walk, which runs past other places worthy of this special wedding album, such as Cathedral Rock National Park and Kiama Blowhole. Eleven hours, and more than 1,000km from here, Angie and Doug got married. Toowoomba, Queensland, offers a flat, rural landscape. The mother of the bride accompanied the photographer, Van Middleton in his Jeep and helped him choose locations “that Angie and her family felt were special”. This detail is conveyed through the winning image by this photographer, with the spouses embracing under an enormous tree. Perhaps it was under this very tree where they had their first kiss or carved their initials.

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