>>>The kings of India

The kings of India

Traditionally the lion has held the title of king of the jungle, but things are different in India. Bengal tigers reign supreme.
The roar of the Bengal tiger can be heard up to three kilometres away. Close to 200 Bengal tigers roar every day in the Jim Corbett National Park in India. Located at the foot of the Himalaya Mountain Range and next to Ramganga River, its ravines and dense jungles are the ideal habitat for these striped felines.
The name of the National Park is in honour of Jim Corbett, who worked for the conservation of the tigers despite having hunted dozens of them. Project Tiger has been set up in the park, which is an initiative by the Indian government to preserve Bengal tigers, which are in danger of extinction. The park is a sanctuary for tigers, the symbol of India. Here they live in a protected area and their daily food is guaranteed. There is no shortage of deer, buffaloes, wild boars and other mammals that comprise their diet. They usually hunt at night and can eat up to 25 kilos in just one day. This is not strange, as they weigh between 110 and 250 kilos. Despite their size, they can camouflage themselves easily thanks to their fur. No two have the same stripes. Hidden in the undergrowth, they sneak up on their victims and attack when they are off-guard. Most of them avoid contact with humans, although if you cross their path they could be dangerous. You should not get out of vehicles in areas where it is prohibited.
A Langur monkey in a tree in the park

Long live the King!

National Geographic calculates that the worldwide tiger population has now been reduced to just 2,500. Three subspecies of the eight existing ones became extinct during the 20th century and the remainder are protected in order to avoid their complete disappearance.

The park is a paradise for nature lovers in general. It includes all types of animals and vegetation in its habitats of forests, valleys, meadows and jungles. If you watch carefully, you’ll see Asian elephants, sloths, leopards, Langur monkeys, peacocks, Indian buffaloes and porcupines, as well as the favourite delicacy of Bengal tigers, the samba deer. In total there are over 700 different species of animals and 400 species of plants. The over 500 species of birds, ranging from robins and kingfishers to birds of prey, are a delight for ornithologists.
The park has five areas open to tourists. To enter each of them you need a permit, which can be obtained at each entrance. The best time to visit is from the middle of November to the end of June. During the monsoon period, mud makes the paths that the jeeps use inside the park impassable. However, if you want to see Bengal tigers, it’s easiest to find them between March and June.
Sambar deer, the favourite food of the tigers
There are over 500 different species of birds

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