>>>The Venice of India

The Venice of India

Although it’s hard to believe, you’ll feel Venetian romance nowhere more than in Udaipur.
“The Venice of the East”, is how this city in the state of Rajasthan is known, which is in northern India and 650 kilometres from the capital, Delhi. The truth is that it eminates love and romance in all parts, even in the geographical characteristics of the lakes that surround the city. Lake Pichola, Lake Fateh Sagar and Lake Udai Sagar are those that are most widely admired. The most famous is Lake Pichola in whose waters the Taj Lake Palace, one of the most stunning luxury hotels in the world, appears to float.

The city of graffiti

The city is an authentic museum of urban art, and not because Banksy has left one of his works there (not yet anyway). The walls in the city are covered by coloured drawings that reflect the culture of the city: elephants, camels, princesses and ‘Rajputs’, the warrior caste.

Fall in love when admiring the City Palace. It stands on one of the hills that border Lake Pichola, and although from afar it appears to be just a lump of gold (it’s 250 metres wide and 30 metres high), you only have to move closer to make out the network of patios, gardens and rooms decorated with Rajasthan, Mongol, Medieval, European and even Chinese influences. Very close to here is the Jagdish Hindu temple, whose flag and bell indicate that the temple is sacred and also active. A walk through its architecture allows you to travel back into the past of Udaipur culture. Pay attention so that you don’t miss any details of the numerous handmade objects in the various bazaars and shops in the city. Most are located in the Lake Palace street, which is the busiest, but you must also wander through the old quarter. The Mandi bazaar is located here, where you can buy all types of spices, along with the Bara bazaar, specialising in jewellery, and the Mochiwada bazaar, which includes a wide range of traditional Indian footwear.
Udaipur is also famous for its gardens. Our favourite is the Saheliyon-ki-Bari garden, the literal translation of which is “the garden of the maidens” because it was built by King Maharana Sangram Singh for the ladies of the court. Paths lined by bushes, fountains, marble sculptures and exotic and local plants are all present in this relaxing place, the architecture of which is one of the indisputable jewels of the city.
When the sun sets, it’s time to pick a restaurant. Udaipur offers restaurants perfect for a romantic dinner. We recommend those that are on the banks of Lake Pichola, such as Ambrai, where it’ll be hard for you to concentrate on your food when the majestic City Palace appears illuminated in the background, or the restaurant in the Jagat Niwas Palace hotel, located on its rooftop terrace. This is the only place in the world where you can enjoy its legendary chicken korma with views of the lake and the palaces, which are gradually illuminated one by one.

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