>>>Tomorrowland: the Place you Go to Dream
Photo: Scamelot via RemodelHackers / CC BY-NC-ND

Tomorrowland: the Place you Go to Dream

This is the Wonderland for 20-something Alices and if Charlie were an adult, it would be his chocolate factory. Welcome to Boom, welcome to Tomorrowland, the “Kingdom of Melodia” (electronic music).
ot even Lady Gaga, Adele or The Boss have managed to put up the ‘sold out’ sign in under 40 minutes, which is the time it took for tickets to Tomorrowland to all go. The biggest electronic music festival in the world promises attendees a Magical Friday, Incredible Saturday and Glorious Sunday, from 22 to 24 July. Days packed with electronic music, pyrotechnics and special effects, with concentrated showmanship at its best, and all just 32 km from Brussels.
In the ground, you can charge your mobile phone, brush your teeth at a fresh point and buy a pillow.
Photo: Scamelot via RemodelHackers / CC BY-NC-ND

The Mirror to Tomorrowland

Thousands of young people from seven countries (Mexico, India, Japan, Colombia, Germany, South Africa and Israel) will enjoy Incredible Saturday live, when performances on the main stage are streamed online. This is how the festival attempts to reinforce the feeling of unity and invites those unable to get to Boom to “be part of the madness”.

Tomorrowland is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences: 70 hectares, 17 stages, more than 400 artists, 180,000 attendees of more than 200 nationalities and 120 food trucks. Those who don’t get a ticket will have to settle for watching it online; the 2015 aftermovie (10th anniversary of the festival) has 21 million views on YouTube. The videos from previous years have already surpassed 100 million.
Above all, Tomorrowland is a world of fantasy, and has been designed with this in mind. This is the self-appointed Kingdom of Melodia and its campsite is called Dreamville, the ephemeral city of dreams, with the Key to Happiness. Crossing its frontiers is like crossing into Narnia or the kingdom of Fantasia. Acrobats and minstrels surround the different lakes that pepper the colourful grounds, hordes of attendees climb the banks of the river that passes through it, while a big wheel turns and the pyrotechnics light everything up.
Dreamville has everything from butcher’s shops to jewellers, not to mention bakeries, supermarkets and a post office.
Photo: Scamelot via Source / CC BY-NC-ND
These elements frame scenes from a fairytale. Some look like they have come out of a Disney film, while others have more of a Tim Burton feel: an erupting volcano (with lava made out of fireworks) and an extravagant giant water mill. From these mammoth structures (the main one is 140m long and 40m high), this year’s most popular DJs on the dance floor will shine out: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, David Guetta, Tiesto, Steve Aoki and more.
Tomorrowland is a cash-free space, where you pay for everything using the electronic bracelet that also serves to get into the grounds.
Photo: Scamelot via Source / CC BY-NC-ND
They provide the soundtrack to a magical, dreamlike weekend, whose official anthem was composed in 2014 by Hans Zimmer, composer for the soundtracks of the Gladiator, the Lion King and Pirates of the Caribbean, among others. Legendary films for “the generation of tomorrow”, who come to Boom to find a nerve centre to hold their liturgy. For them, Tomorrowland is a “world parallel to the real one”, where you “shed tears of joy and emotion” and where “positive energy reigns”.
Its slogan preaches: “Yesterday is History. Today is a Gift. Tomorrow is Mystery”, a litany shared by “the generation of tomorrow”, thousands of young people who dream of going back to the 21st century Chocolate Factory each year.

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