>>>A love poem for Juliet

A love poem for Juliet

Five centuries on and Shakespeare’s love story continues to inspire a host of lovers. Discover this romance at number 23 in la Vía Capello, in Verona.
here are few settings as romantic as the famous balcony of Juliet’s house that makes us remember the light that broke through her window. From there, a Montague and a Capulet confessed their love for each other with the moon as their only witness. Such passion continues to inspire lovers from all over the world, who choose Verona, the city of the tragic lovers, as the destination for their holidays. And there, of course, they have to visit the balcony from where Juliet leaned out and where Romeo promised her eternal love. As soon as you enter the house you’ll see numerous cards containing messages of love written in all languages, overrunning the walls and the corridors of the house.

Too many love letters?

There are so many love letters left by tourists at Juliet’s house that Verona City Council has to remove them twice a year: On the eve of Saint Valentine’s Day and on the 17th September, Juliet’s birthday. A museum is currently being planned to exhibit all of them.

At the risk of shattering this romanticism, we have to reveal the truth: the mythical balcony does not appear in Shakespeare’s original work, but was recreated for later theatrical productions. Neither the balcony nor the famous Gothic window are originals, but were added to the house in Verona at the beginning of the 20th century. The house is a palace dating from the beginning of the 12th century that belonged to a Veronese family called “Dal Capello”, as you can read on the plaque on its facade. It was the dates and the surname “Capello” that created the popular belief that the house belonged to Shakespeare’s Juliet.
If you have yet to find your soul mate, don’t despair: legend says that in order to find true love you have to touch the right breast of the bronze statue of Juliet that is underneath the balcony. And if you have…why not show her that you love her as much as Romeo and Juliet by having a civil wedding on the most famous balcony in Verona?

Searching for Romeo

Very close to Juliet’s house, in Vía Arche Scaligere 2-4, is the Montecchi house, attributed to Romeo, a medieval building, off limits to the public. It never ceases to amaze us that Shakespeare set this love story in a city that he had never visitied, Verona.

Every year Verona is the most-visited city in Italy, ahead of Venice, Florence and Rome, on one specific date. Can you guess? Exactly, the 14th February. But we recommend that if you visit, you stay a few days more and allow yourself to be seduced by the charms of this city in northern Italy. That way you’ll be able to visit Piazza delle Erbe, an old Roman forum that is nowadays the most popular square in Verona. A colourful market is held there every morning. Another crucial landmark is Verona Arena, one of the most important amphitheatres from Roman times and the largest after the Coliseum of Rome, which it is very similar too. It is 152 metres long and 123 wide and can hold over 25,000 spectators.

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