>>>Island and hotel: all in one

Island and hotel: all in one

If we tell you that we’ve found a luxury resort with a spa, you won’t think that it’s anything new. But what if we tell you that the resort has its own island?
This is Sveti Stefan, a small islet thirty minutes from Montenegro, and it is special because it’s…a luxury spa hotel! Yes, you read right: the whole island is a hotel complex. It’s part of the Aman Resorts chain and spreads its rooms and suites over the whole island. Why go to a hotel on an island when you can go to an island that is a hotel?
This paradise lies in the bay of Villa Miločer in Montenegro, located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Montenegro is a country whose beauty has earned it the title of “the jewel of the Mediterranean”. There you’ll be welcomed by an impressive setting of mountains, ancient forests and unspoilt beaches with clear, emerald-coloured water. To the south of Budva, between the towns of Pržno and Sveti Stefan, the doors to the Aman Sveti Stefan complex will provide you with a unique luxury resort that has a coastline of two kilometres. Here are two of the most famous pink-sand beaches in Montenegro: Milocer Beach and the Queen’s Beach.

Let yourself be pampered

You can also enjoy the Aman Spa here and the Sveti Stefan wellbeing centre, which has four treatment rooms, relaxation rooms and private resting terraces with views of the pond and the gardens. Incredibly efficient and personalised service means that you only have to worry about relaxing.

Sveti Stefan was a small fishing village when in 1934 Queen Maria of Yugoslavia ordered her summer residence to be built there, on an estate surrounded by 800 olive trees. At the beginning of the 1960s, the painters Petar Lubarda and Milo Milunovic decided to renovate the then abandoned villa and turn it into a tourist complex…and the project got out of hand. Therefore, what used to be old fisherman’s houses ended up being converted into rooms to accommodate guests that travelled there to get away from it all. The two pink-sand beaches that surround the cape gave a special touch to this unique paradise that soon became the favourite destination for Hollywood stars. Iconic celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Claudia Schiffer, Kirk Douglas, Bobby Fischer and Willy Brandt have all stayed on the island.
The glamorous complex is a destination in itself. It offers eight suites in what was once the queen’s palace and a total of fifty rooms, cabins and suites spread over the whole island. All of the rooms have one thing in common, which is that their interiors retain the original walls in order to remember the origins of the village.
Although there are numerous alternatives in the resort that invite you to relax, why not use your visit to explore the local area. The town of Budva will enchant you with its picturesque narrow streets. Cetinje, the place of residence of the President of Montenegro, is a city of great historical importance, but if you like churches and Baroque architecture don’t miss Perast. Lake Skadar is also well worth visiting and is the largest lake in the Balkans Peninsula. There is also the city of Kotor, which is a world heritage site because of the impressive city wall that surrounds it. A real luxury holiday.

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